Travel and Stay

Tuusulanjärvi Marathon has been organised since 1994. The race course goes by the the lake of Tuusula and the shore road (”Rantatie”) of Tuusula, which is known for the national culture environment. You can find more details from Tuusulan Rantatie webpage.

Tuusulanjärvi organising committee recommends to stay over the weekend in the beautiful Tuusulanjärvi area and combine sports and mini-holiday!


Majatalo Onnela (Onnela Inn), Krapihovi  and Hotelli Gustavelund (Hotel Gustavelund) are our co-operators. We warmly recommend  You to  use their services. Ask offers from them!


Onnela inn, Rantatie 34, Tuusula, +358(0)9 258 821,


Gustavelund, Kirkkotie 36, Tuusula +358 9273 751,


Krapihovi, Rantatie 2, Tuusula,, tel: +358 9 274841